About the Modular Schedule

国产亚洲日韩欧美看国产|日韩欧美中文字幕无码The development of the new modular schedule was a direct outgrowth of our Strategic Plan. One of the key goals articulated in the plan focuses on establishing Madeira as the leader in 21st-century girls’ education. Changing Madeira’s class schedule constitutes a major step toward achieving that goal while employing current research on how girls learn. Furthermore, over the past several years, our program has embraced a model that encourages active student engagement, collaboration, and experiential problem solving.

Seven Modules A Year

A module is the period of time the academic year is divided into. The Madeira year is divided into seven (7) modules, each lasting approximately five weeks. Start and end dates for the current year's modules can be found on the Module Dates国产亚洲日韩欧美看国产|日韩欧美中文字幕无码 page under the forms and schedules.

Four Blocks A Day

Blocks are the time spent each day in class or an activity. The Madeira day is divided into four (4) blocks. A, B, and C blocks are 80 minutes in length. The last block of the day, D block is 90 minutes in length and is reserved for activities such as competitive sports, riding, art, or other extracurricular activities. 

The open blocks国产亚洲日韩欧美看国产|日韩欧美中文字幕无码 provide time for club meetings, snack time, guided relaxation exercises, fitness, counseling, Community Meeting Time (CMT), class meetings, admission tours, college counseling meetings, Co-Curriculum internship planning, affinity group meetings, etc.

Break 国产亚洲日韩欧美看国产|日韩欧美中文字幕无码is just that -- a time to break for boarding students. It can also be used as an opportunity to cheer on teams, allow for student-driven activities, additional riding times, private music lessons, college counseling meetings, outside tutoring, doctor/therapist appointment, and Co-Curriculum individual meetings. This time is planned by students.

The Snail Day schedule is used for All School Meetings or other special activities.

Sample Schedules