Senior Co-Curriculum

Imagine being offered a menu of around 300 internships in fields that include business, education, visual and performing arts, social sciences, law, communications, and technology. Which would you choose?

Choosing an Internship

国产亚洲日韩欧美看国产|日韩欧美中文字幕无码Earlier in your high school career, the choice of an independent project over a five-week module would have been overwhelming. But by the beginning of senior year, your academic and Co-Curriculum experience will help you narrow your options. You’ll have a firm sense of your personal interests and motivations. You may have a good sense of your likely college major, or even of the career that attracts you most. So choosing your senior Co-Curriculum internship will be that much simpler. 

The Purpose of the Senior Internship

国产亚洲日韩欧美看国产|日韩欧美中文字幕无码The experience of an internship of your choosing is an opportunity to check your ideal vision against reality. What does the daily life of a neurosurgeon actually look like? Do you like working behind a desk or are you more interested in work that keeps you on the move? Is teaching a class of preschoolers as rewarding as you expected? Is ministry the right path for you?

You will be challenged to think of your role as a leader and expert in a specific topic area through your capstone project. Just as you identified a national policy issue during Junior Co-Curriculum, you will identify a specific topic, problem, or issue that relates to your internship in your senior year. You will present a research and action-based position on this topic. For example, as an intern at an architecture firm you may want do focus your capstone project on sustainable architecture.

国产亚洲日韩欧美看国产|日韩欧美中文字幕无码Senior Co-Curriculum gives you the chance to answer big questions about your future plans, and base those answers on the results of what is a very important experiment – not on guesswork. When the time comes to choose a college and declare a major, you will be way ahead of the game.

Examples of Past Internships

Students have done hands-on work at internship sites that have included

Internship sites change every year depending on availability and student interest.