Global Travel & Exchange Programs

Madeira’s travel and exchange programs are designed with the intention of cultivating active and compassionate citizens of the world. Madeira students have many opportunities to experience the benefits of stepping outside their routine environments through cultural immersion.

More than tourist trips or vacations, Madeira’s global travel programs are immersive and experiential, led by faculty and staff who serve as organizers and cultural guides. Whether Madeira students are travelling abroad or welcoming students from other countries into their homes, our exchange and language immersion programs foster communication and understanding across geographic and cultural barriers. Our immersion programs are designed to improve students’ language abilities but are also open to any member of the Madeira community who is curious and wants to experience other countries and cultures. Family members and siblings, ages 14 and up, are welcome to join us. Past trips include exchanges to France, Spain, and Chile and visits to Costa Rica and Peru. 

Read the Madeira in the World blog to share in our travelers' experiences.

Upcoming Language and Cultural Exchanges:

  • Spanish Exchange (Madrid, Spring 2020)


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Xiaofu Ding or Dr. Paul Bednarowski