Academic Departments


国产亚洲日韩欧美看国产|日韩欧美中文字幕无码Courses on American, British and world literature through the AP level to develop advanced skills in reading, critical thinking, writing, and oral communication.

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Analysis of the present through the past in the areas of world history, U.S. history, European history, Economics, and special electives are also offered.

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国产亚洲日韩欧美看国产|日韩欧美中文字幕无码From Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II through multivariable calculus and linear algebra for the most advanced students.

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国产亚洲日韩欧美看国产|日韩欧美中文字幕无码Biology, chemistry, environmental science, and physics integrated with math, computer programming, and engineering concepts.

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Through a variety of creative, collaborative, and practical activities, students are taught the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in an iterative process of designing and making. STEAM courses include concepts and/or processes used in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

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Student Life

国产亚洲日韩欧美看国产|日韩欧美中文字幕无码The Student Life Department supports Madeira’s mission to launch women who change the world by providing opportunities for students to develop the knowledge and skills to help them navigate and take charge of their lives in high school and beyond.

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World Languages

Courses in French, Spanish, and Latin from introductory language through the AP level.

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国产亚洲日韩欧美看国产|日韩欧美中文字幕无码Co-Curriculum is an essential part of Madeira’s mission of launching women who will change the world and a graduation requirement.

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国产亚洲日韩欧美看国产|日韩欧美中文字幕无码Studio art and ceramics; drama and dance; film and photography; music ensembles and private lessons.

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Interscholastic team sports, equestrian, and fitness classes.

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Every student must choose a D Block activity in which to participate and there are many to choose from.

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